Welcome to my Website! If you’re looking for a professional massage therapist or Qi Gong teacher, you’ve come to the right place.

I am trained in a variety of modalities, and you can click on "About Me" and "Services & Rates" pages to learn more about me and my work.

Here are some of the things my clients have said about me:

"Wendy designs each [Qi Gong] practice to respond not only to the group or individual needs of the day, but also to the seasons of the year. She gently guides us through flowing movements that physically stretch, strengthen, and balance while explaining how each movement enhances a particular internal organ or cognitive function or sense of wellbeing. She also emphasizes how the movements connect us to earth elements and nature. It feels very grounding. I'm grateful to have been introduced to qigong by such a knowledgeable and experienced teacher."    S.H.

"Wendy, you are my favorite therapist in all my travels.  I travel a lot and get a massage once a month or so which I find helps me stay flexible after a plane and car ride.  It”s not often you remember and find the same therapist after 7 years of travels.  Just the right pressure and touch and stretches- you are fantastic!"   - R.B., MD 

“I started seeing Wendy occasionally almost nine years ago, and have had monthly appointments with Wendy for the past six years because for me, massage is not just a pleasant way to spend and hour or two, but a necessary part of taking care of my body and mind. While I have visited other therapists, I keep coming back to Wendy because of her dedication to the art and science of massage therapy and her efforts to get to know her clients and work with them on an individual level to improve body functioning. I come away from my visits with Wendy feeling not only better aligned and relaxed in my physical body, but with refreshing mental clarity that comes from having been under the care of someone who treats the whole person, not just a particular ache or pain. Wendy’s holistic approach to massage has taught me so much about how to take better care of my mind and body on my own, and to me, that’s the mark of a true professional—someone who can help you help yourself.”
                                                                                               - A.S.
I once joked with Wendy that I thought her hands and fingers had ESP. It's
not really a joke, because a massage with her is intuitive and becomes an 
almost spiritual experience. She is especially adept at dealing with clients
who might have undergone recent surgery, breast cancer, or a broken bone.
Her adaptations make you comfortable; you leave, certain  
that healing has taken a huge step forward. A gift of a Wendy massage: 
a precious gift for YOU, or a wonderful experience for a dear
and cherished friend. 
- K.E.


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